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Armor for Combat

As warfare changed, armor evolved with it.

A knight was first and foremost a warrior, and the warrior spirit governed every aspect of his life. Much of his life was spent in training. Training concentrated on strength, fitness, horseback riding, moving and fighting in armor, and skill with various weapons. Knights also needed to know how to fight as part of a team of skilled horsemen. During his day, a knight was lord of the battlefield, but eventually firearms made him obsolete.

Here you will see how armor transformed over time, from the age of the Crusades to the days of the musketeers. Each of the suits in this gallery represented the latest technology — and the latest fashion — of its day, from the angular lines of the medieval Gothic style, to the richly etched and gilded armor of an Elizabethan nobleman, to the brass-studded steel of the seventeenth-century cavalryman.