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Extreme Sport: the Joust

The ground shakes as two warhorses charge. Each knight lowers his lance, there is a crash of spear on steel, a knight is thrown to the ground, and the other rides around the field to the cheering crowd.

Skilled jousters were the star athletes of their day, and their fans included men and women from all walks of life, drawn to the intense action, colorful personalities, and ever-present danger of this ultimate sport.

Experience the pageantry of the medieval tournament as you see rare examples of the equipment for these sports: a “rental armor” worn by socially ambitious townsmen, still bearing deep gouges from the impact of opposing lances; an armored saddle from the age of Henry VIII; weapons and armor from the free-for-all “Bridge Game” played in the Italian city of Pisa. Be sure to heft our full-size lance and see how you might fare at this challenging sport as you play our Virtual Joust.