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Knights Life

“Every man who does well in this military vocation should be prized and honored.”
Sir Geoffroi de Charny, The Book of Chivalry, 1351

Imagine yourself on a warhorse, dressed in gleaming armor and brandishing sword, lance, and shield. However, being a knight wasn’t easy.. It was no simple matter of buying a horse and a suit of armor, there was much more you had to learn. A knights training began in childhood, and he had to remain in top physical condition to endure the rigors of armored combat.

In this gallery you will explore the life of a knight. Learn what it was like to wear armor and how important it was for a knight to have the latest look. See the actual weapons carried by knights on the battlefield, and discover what knights did on their days off. Watch armor in action, and test your knightly knowledge with our computer miniquiz.