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Scimitars to Samurai

Arms and Armors around the Globe

Every society in the world has its traditional forms of arms and armor.

The European knight was not alone in fighting for his king or lord. Traditional cultures around the world had their own versions of feudalism, and many societies throughout history have been dominated by armored horsemen. These mounted fighters were not merely fearsome warriors: they were expected to embody all the most treasured ideals of their society.

This gallery brings you face-to-face with aristocratic warriors from around the world: Japanese samurai, the Mughals of India, Persian and Turkish horse-archers, African cavalry from the grasslands south of the Sahara. See for yourself the parallels among all of these cultures—codes of honor, fiery warhorses, the finest equipment money could buy. Discover their differences too, especially in the distinctive styles and decorations that made their arms and armor both beautiful and fashionable.